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Research request: women's experiences of Facebook groups for people who have had traumatic births

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MEDIA: Serena Cox Mon 08-Jun-20 11:50:11

Researchers at the University of Nottingham are interviewing women about their experiences of Facebook groups for people who have had traumatic birth experiences.

We would like to hear from women who have used a Facebook group like this but are no longer using it. Interviews can be done by phone and take about an hour.

To be included in the study you must:

* Be female, aged 18 and over, and able to participate in English.
* Have had a traumatic birth experience in the UK within the last three years.
* Be someone who used to actively participate in a Facebook group for people who have had traumatic birth experiences, but who no longer does. This means you have posted contributions or communicated with other members but no longer do.
* Be willing to participate in an interview about your experiences.

We are sorry, but you will not be able to take part:

* If you perform an administrator or moderator role.
* If you use an online support community not on Facebook.
* If you are currently receiving NHS maternity care.
* If you have ever received care during any stage of pregnancy, birth or the postnatal period from Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust.

For more information and to take part, please contact:

Thank you

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