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Would you get a mask for your child?

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MEDIA: Masks4children Mon 04-May-20 14:12:48


Like you, I want my children to be safe. I don’t know if face masks can help, but right now I do know there is very little choice available, when it comes to children's N95 face masks.

I’d like to change that. With your help and a few minutes of your time I think I can.

Please fill out this quick simple quiz* to help me redesign my N95 face mask to fit children’s faces.
Help me make a child sized N95 face mask

I’m a parent of two young children myself and I help out at my son’s school. I responded to the pandemic and lack of PPE by designing a new type of Virus resistant mask, for front line staff. That’s when my son asked me ‘what about masks for children?’

They do exist, but they tend to be expensive and even harder to find than adult masks.
I can modify my design, but I really need a wide variety of child face sizes to make masks that are suitable for all children.
With the help of the Mumsnet community I hope to gather enough simple measurements to finish the design.

All you need to complete the quiz is 2 minutes, your child and a ruler or tape measure.
I would really appreciate any help and support reaching parents who are willing to help, my skills don’t lie in social media sad

If you have any questions I’ll try to answer them here. Thanks !

*The questionnaire does not need or record any personally identifiable information, no photo’s are required, no emails, no names, nor is this required or relevant.

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