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Looking to speak with families in relation to food preparation for Brexit

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MEDIA: Laura Brown Wed 20-Feb-19 15:36:46

Hi there,

My name is Laura and I’m part of the team at Ricochet, a leading television company who make a range of factual programmes and documentaries for all the major UK broadcasters. We’re currently producing a Brexit Special of our popular food science programme Food Unwrapped for Channel 4.

I am reaching out as we are currently looking for a family to talk too who are food prepping in relation to Brexit. I appreciate the sensitivity of this subject matter in relation to the media and also respect the private nature of the prepping community. I also do not want to appear as if we are making light of the situation.

Our audience for FU generally tend to be families, the idea behind featuring a prepping story could potentially be an aid to other families who are in need of advice in this area. With that being said we are fully aware of the ‘panic buying’ concern that could potentially happen due to this subject. Just to clarify, this is something we want to steer clear of - the angle of our programme is not to promote panic buying. We are simply hoping to chat to a family regarding food prepping with an aim to understand their thoughts surrounding Brexit from a neutral position.

Here is a bit more information about us and the show;

We are now making the 16th series of Food Unwrapped and have featured many large food manufacturers from across the globe, as well as food scientists and academics from a range of major universities and academic bodies. This popular prime time series has been a huge hit in its slot seeing viewing figures peak at 2.9 million. Our finished episodes are also sold internationally to multiple territories, including Australia, India, Thailand, Malaysia, Israel, Denmark, Poland and widely across the Caribbean and South America.

Food Unwrapped explores the clever, ingenious or high-tech production methods used to make some of our favourite food products. In these programmes, we feature some of the scientific methods used in modern food production, some of which viewers may find surprising or fascinating, and give our viewers a greater understanding of how popular mass-produced food products are made for the consumer.

If there is anyone out there who would be keen to talk with me further – please do not hesitate to get in touch.

My emails address is:

My direct line is: 01273-032-106

Kindest regards,

Assistant Producer

Ricochet Ltd
Pacific House,126 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE
Tel: 01273 032136
Registered in England

Redshoeblueshoe Wed 20-Feb-19 15:39:39

Is this a comedy program ?

user2683 Thu 21-Feb-19 10:15:42

Hi Redshoeblueshoe.

Hope you are well.

No we are not producing a comedy programme, as detailed in the description above we are a food science program, doing a Brexit Special.

For part of this episode we are hoping to talk with families who are prepping in relation to Brexit.



Assistant Producer

Ricochet Ltd
Pacific House,126 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3TE
Tel: 01273 032136
Registered in England

Redshoeblueshoe Thu 21-Feb-19 10:26:25

Pop over to the preppers section then. You will find tons of Brexit preppers there

user2683 Thu 21-Feb-19 10:32:25

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

INeedNewShoes Thu 21-Feb-19 10:34:31

Come on Laura. Make an effort. Just Google Mumsnet Preppers or use the main Talk Topics menu to find it.

user2683 Thu 21-Feb-19 10:43:45

Just found the different groups - Thank you.

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