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£30 AMAZON VOUCHER FOR 1 HOUR CALL - What does your child's art mean to you and your family?

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MEDIA: LetsJellyfish Wed 03-Oct-18 12:59:01

What we need: to sit down for 1 hour with mums with kids aged 2-10
To talk about: what art means to you and your family
For your time: £30 amazon gift voucher
Interested?: email

Me and a friend are working on a project to use art to get kids away from their mobile devices in this hyperconnected world.

We are looking for mums with kids aged 2-10 to sit down with us and talk about what their kid's art means to them and their families.

If you are London we can meet in person or for the rest of the UK we can phone you.

If you are interested please drop me an email at and tell us a bit about yourself.

April2018mom Thu 04-Oct-18 23:08:36

More information please?

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