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Looking for people that need to reveal or confess something to a loved one or friend...TV Casting

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MEDIA: kristinaAW Thu 20-Sep-18 12:31:24


Tuesday's Child are making a brand new TV show for Channel 4 called Drugs Café (working title). We are going to rent a licensed coffeeshop in Amsterdam and invite people over to try cannabis for the first time and have interesting conversations in safe and controlled environment.

The show will be examining personal relationships and social interactions and how the use of cannabis affects them.

The relationships we feature will be diverse: It may be loved ones who have something they want to get off their chest or a big question to ask, it could be reconciliations between people who were once sworn enemies, or people with opposing views trying to find some mutual understanding. It could also be people who live with a medical condition that impacts on their day to day relationships (e.g. social anxiety, Tourette’s Syndrome, Parkinson’s, MS etc.) and are curious to try cannabis in a safe space.

You don't have to be pro-cannabis, in fact we are looking for people that have various opinions on the matter, either for, against or in-between.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in or you just want to know a little bit more about the project then please send an e-mail to with the Subject 'Drugs Cafe - Mumsnet'

Many thanks x

ShirleyPhallus Thu 20-Sep-18 12:32:27

Wow, I can’t possibly see what could go wrong....!

TheQueef Thu 20-Sep-18 12:33:05

Do you need a quality control person?
I'm available.

spaceraidersrock Thu 20-Sep-18 12:44:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ShirleyPhallus Thu 20-Sep-18 12:53:00

Couldn’t you just give Jeremy Kyle contestants shots of vodka before they go on?

Graphista Thu 20-Sep-18 12:55:39

How utterly irresponsible! You're seriously going to have people with health issues taking cannabis? You cannot POSSIBLY control the safety of this. Hope you NEVER get the go ahead for this!

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