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Research about Living Together Apart Families

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MEDIA: LizMcDonnell Wed 12-Sep-18 19:05:45

Living Together Apart Project

We are a group of researchers from Brighton and Sussex Universities working in Sociology, Gender Studies, Law, Education. We are undertaking research that explores peoples’ experiences of being part of a former intimate relationship with children, still living in the same space, thus ‘Living Together Apart’ (LTA).

We are collecting stories of experiences of Living Together Apart, whether good, bad or somewhere in between. We are interested to hear from you whether your experience is as someone currently or previously in an LTA relationship (including what changed if this is no longer the case); or if you would like to recall (you must be 18) your experiences of being a child who spent time growing up with parents, step-parents or guardians, Living Together Apart.

Please see detailed information about the project at our website
or use the project email address for any questions:

Thanks very much

Liz McDonnell (for the project team)

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