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WALES: WANTED your inspirational stories of pregnancy, fertility, adoption or any unusual route to creating a family

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MEDIA: Emily & Celyn Wed 17-May-17 16:42:58

Presenter Connie Fisher is on a journey across Wales, to make a warm-hearted and celebratory one hour documentary for BBC Wales about the myriad different ways in which people create their families today. We want to hear your stories of what you've been through to have your babies - IVF, surrogacy, adoption or other routes to having a baby. We're also looking for someone who has intentionally chosen to start their families at a young age (18-21), as a positive choice (ie not the usual tabloid approach), and someone who has lots of kids - 5 or more (again for a positive look at this choice, rather than a tabloid approach). We'd love to meet an older Mum who started out late, and we'd love to hear from parents from the LGBTQ+ community, but really, everyone is welcome - if you live in Wales, or have a connection to Wales, then all the better as this is commissioned for regional television.

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