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Looking for a UK Grandparent who hasn't seen their Grandchild in Australia - for all expenses trip!

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MEDIA: Keaton Sun 04-Sep-16 20:12:56

Hi all, I'm hoping to make one lucky family very happy with an all expenses paid reunion in Australia.

I am working on an advert for a very well known and respected global travel company - for their next adverts they would like to use 'real' people (not actors) and provide them with opportunities of a lifetime / dream trips for a poignant reason etc.

I'm looking for a UK-based Grandparent that has a Son / Daughter that moved to Australia and they've never seen their Grandchild and would love to meet them for the first time. It's fine if they've also been planning to go over themselves anyway or are considering emigrating themselves. Ideally the Grandchild would be around 3/4-7 years old - but very open to other ages also - especially if there's any poignant reason about why their Grandparent(s) haven't been able to visit.

We'd pay for everything to be sorted and to make this 'dream' meet come true. Please get in touch with me at - and I'm also n Twitter as @Keaton_S if you'd like to check out that I'm 'legit' and this is a very real opportunity.

Many thanks and do feel free to ask around anyone you might know that might fit the bill please.

Best wishes,


poopoopoo Wed 30-Nov-16 19:46:18

i know a family who would really appreciate this, please let me know if you are still looking.

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