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App to protect women and teenagers - we need testers!

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MEDIA: user1471849123 Mon 22-Aug-16 08:19:07

We are getting closer to launching a beta test for an app I have co-founded which is named One Scream. I am reaching out for your support as we need 500 women or teenage girls to participate in being testers for the app. You could make a very big difference for us.

The app is based on my own experiences. One night while living off campus during my time at University I was woken suddenly in the night, I soon realised I needed to fight for my life. I only nearly escaped what was a violent rape attempt (a serial rapist, not someone connected to the school) while screaming to no end. Years later in London I was also mugged on the street midday with my middle child in tow, with no one to hear me scream again. If I’d had One Scream in either case, the authorities could have immediately been notified.

One Scream was designed for situations when you can not activate an alarm or make a call. The app responds to a panic scream. Essentially if you are being attacked One Scream will hear your screams and communicate directly with Police on your behalf telling them who you are and where to find you. After the Police hear a recording of the screams, they have an open line to your phone. One Scream has the potential to shape the way emergency services can be accessed in critical situations and will hopefully save lives.

The testing merely involves downloading One Scream and letting it run in the background of your phone for two weeks. There is no need to scream into the phone. We are testing for false alarms and functionality. We do not track or record anyone, we only listen for a panic scream and we only test GPS in the case of a false alarm.

I know family life can be noisy, there is no need to worry about false alarms. In our test phase, any alarm would be routed to us rather than police. This means testers will not be protected as a false alarm would not go to Police. Panic screams have similar qualities that are different to other sounds. Just as your own ear hears real distress, the app can also distinguish a panic scream from other sounds.

Please go to to register to be a tester with a name and email address (at the bottom of the page), then an automated email is received which for confirmation. If the confirmation email does not appear soon after signing up, it may have found its way to the junk mail folder.

As soon as we are ready to launch, those who signed up receive an email from Apple’s test flight with simple directions of how to download the app. Testers can be located anywhere in the world.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this post - I hope to turn my own experiences into a force for good for others.


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