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Inspirational young mums who stopped drinking for pregnancy needed for campaign film

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MEDIA: Ross Donald Thu 30-Jun-16 13:25:36

Heirloom Media is urgently seeking young, inspirational mums aged 16-25 to speak on camera about the importance of stopping drinking for pregnancy.

Ideally we are looking for mums based in the North East of England who stopped drinking as soon as they discovered they were pregnant but we would be happy to speak with mums from any part of the country.

The film is for a charity campaign called Our Chance which aims to give mums and babies the best chance of a safe pregnancy. It's being run by the charities Best Beginnings and Sands, with support from the Department of Health and the idea is to help the national aim to half the rate of stillbirth, maternal and newborn death in the UK by 2030.

Filming is nearly complete but we are still urgently looking for mums who would be willing to speak on camera about the importance of giving up alcohol for pregnancy. The film will be around 3 minutes long and will hopefully inspire young mums who may not be aware of the risks of drinking during pregnancy to stop.

We'll aim to come to your house, wherever you are. Interviews normally last between 30 minutes and 1hr and we'll just ask straightforward questions such as 'what was life like before you fell pregnant', 'why did you want to give up drink when you discovered you were pregnant' and 'what would you say to a young mum who enjoys a party lifestyle and has just discovered she is pregnant'?

Afterwards we'll want to take some extra shots of you interacting with you baby, as well as doing some general activities in the house - whether it's putting washing on, making a cup of tea or doing a bit of tidying!

Everyone we film with gets a chance to see the finished video and give their feedback before it's finalised. We have been filming with mums for years and are always very sensitive to the way they are portrayed.

It's also worth noting that the films are not for television - they will be featured on a dedicated Our Chance website and the existing Baby Buddy App created by Best Beginnings as well as other social media platforms.

If you or anyone you know would be interested, please email by Friday 8th July.

Many thanks and best wishes,

Ross Donald
Heirloom Media

Vixxfacee Thu 30-Jun-16 13:28:39

Giving up alcohol for your baby is not inspirational. It's normal.

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