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Calling all Families

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MEDIA: CastingParkPictures Thu 05-May-16 18:36:55

Park Pictures is creating a new kind of advertising campaign.

We want to find and film one REAL family (not actors!), capturing everyday life within their home, for a documentary-commercial. Could it be yours?

We know real families come in ALL shapes and sizes - we want to hear from everyone!

Interested? Send us a few lines about your family and an average day in your household. In your email please answer these questions:

- Where do you do your grocery shopping?
- What is your favourite cereal?
- Do you watch film and TV programmes online or on TV?
- What is your favourite TV show
- Who is your TV, internet and phone provider(s)
- Where did you last go on holiday?

Email your answers to :
Please provide your name and contact number within the email.

Successful applicants will be paid.

Park Pictures is a film and commercial production company based in London, New York and LA.

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