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Do you have someone that has been an inspiration in your life?Or have you been the Inspiration? INTERVIEWEES needed for an INTERGENERATIONAL Documentary.

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MEDIA: artidaltry Mon 18-Apr-16 10:35:31

Interviewees needed for a new documentary called The 'Generation' Project. We are looking to interview you and someone that has inspired you such as your nan or aunt or father. It could even be a mentor or Godparent. Or perhaps you have been the inspiration for someone younger, in which case we would interview you and the person you have inspired.

This documentary provides an opportunity for the different generations to dialogue together and be interviewed about various things on camera.

To find out a bit more about the project, please click on the link below:

or if you are on facebook, please go to:

This is a co-production of White Knight Pictures( and Creative Hub Productions Ltd(

If you would like to be interviewed or to find out a bit more about the project, please contact

Arti Mirwani-Daltry-

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