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Channel 4 Supershoppers wants to hear from YOU!

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yasminmg Tue 08-Mar-16 17:00:52

Channel 4 Supershoppers is making a programme all about online shopping and delivery, and we're looking for online shopping lovers to take part. This time around, we're looking for people who fit any of the following criteria:

- Have you ever bought an outfit online, worn it, and then returned it? If so, are you happy to share your shopping secrets with us?

- Do you have the local takeaway on speed dial? Are most of your meals delivered to your door?

- Have you ever ordered something online that turned into a delivery disaster? From the silly to the ridiculous, we want to hear about your bad experiences with online shopping.

If any of the above descriptions sound like you, please email Yasmin at with your name, age, location, contact number and few words about you and your shopping habits or delivery disasters.

All conversations at this stage are for research purposes and will be held in complete confidence.



tryandtryagain Mon 04-Apr-16 23:31:18

Me. I'm always ordering stuff and wearing it once and then returning it. It's so easy. Even if I get a bit drunk fall over and rip it ! Who cares ? M and s always give a refund!
After all that shopping I settle down with a nice Dominoes , Pizza Hut or bag of chips to watch my massive flat screen telly.
It's great being me. Make a programme about me!

Cinnamoncookie Wed 06-Apr-16 09:09:19

I was drawn in by the title of the thread, "They want to hear from me? Me specifically? How exciting!".

But it turns out I don't fit the criteria. I feel lied to. sad

SilverBirchWithout Fri 08-Apr-16 18:56:39

Cinnamon, it could be YOU.

Order something now, wear it and then return it because it is damaged.

Or alternatively. Spend a week eating just takeaways, leave your empty cartons strewn around.

We can then all judge you, thinking who the f**k are these people who are so desperate to appear on TV they will do anything to appear.


Ps for Jasmin, how about pitching a programme idea about telling the story of people whose lives have been damaged by being exploited on a voyeuristic TV show?

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