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67 - the one where Respo wasn’t invited to the wedding

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Xmasfairy86 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:03:16

67 threads later, and the wedding is almost upon us

Bettercallsaul1 Tue 23-Apr-19 22:30:26

I remember when it was two years away! shock

SneakyGremlins Tue 23-Apr-19 22:42:02

Oooooh are we naming the threads like Friends Episodes?

Don't say the wrong name now Xmas.

RethpoDad Tue 23-Apr-19 22:54:50

I, xmas, take thee, Respo.... 😘😍👅

SneakyGremlins Tue 23-Apr-19 23:10:34

To the electric chair with any luck.

VanillaSugarr Tue 23-Apr-19 23:48:55

Have you seen The Green Mile grems?

Bettercallsaul1 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:02:33

Oh, poor Respo, no! I'm calling Amnesty International!

Bettercallsaul1 Wed 24-Apr-19 00:03:57

Being chronically creepy and annoying is not a capital offence!

Xmasfairy86 Wed 24-Apr-19 07:32:36


I love green mile

Does she want to be at home vanilla?

Bettercallsaul1 Wed 24-Apr-19 08:21:53

Morning everyone!

I can't watch The Green Mile - it's too sad!

Xmasfairy86 Wed 24-Apr-19 08:32:23

Oh I always cry. Great film

VanillaSugarr Wed 24-Apr-19 08:51:44

Morning all!! Start of school, hence the rain!

VanillaSugarr Wed 24-Apr-19 08:55:35

Yes she does xmas, which is lucky!

Bettercallsaul1 Wed 24-Apr-19 08:56:30

Will your MiL be able to look after herself between hospital visits, Vanilla? Does she still have a decent quality of life at this stage? It must be such a worry for you that she doesn't live near you.

VanillaSugarr Wed 24-Apr-19 09:06:11

Am having a bit of an argument with DH about this as he says yes and I say no. Bearing in mind that he has no idea how to use an induction hob nor a washing machine and thinks the domestic fairy has a magic fairy to help, I don’t think his judgement is correct on this one. But I’m not next of kin so I can’t go barging in. At least a district nurse is popping in regularly.

Bettercallsaul1 Wed 24-Apr-19 09:17:58

Oh, that's good about the district nurse. Between home visits and hospital appointments every few days, at least she'll never be on her own for long. And you can check on her regularly by phone. Are her neighbours the caring type?

VanillaSugarr Wed 24-Apr-19 10:28:27

Sadly not - she had some very good neighbour friends but they both died and she doesn’t know the new people who moved in.

SneakyGremlins Wed 24-Apr-19 10:52:25

Never seen the Green Mile.


VanillaSugarr Wed 24-Apr-19 13:58:38

Well, you must! Download it tonight on Netflix.

VanillaSugarr Thu 25-Apr-19 14:45:49

am wrapping up DD’s 21st birthday presents. There’s something very calming about white and pastel pink.

Xmasfairy86 Thu 25-Apr-19 16:43:00

Throw some glitter in and you’ve got my wedding 😂😂

Bettercallsaul1 Thu 25-Apr-19 18:23:51

grin And only 8 days to go before all that pink and white glitteriness, Xmas!

When is your DD's birthday, Vanilla? I hope writing her dissertation isn't ruining it! My DD sent her 10,000 word PhD plan in this afternoon and is feeling very happy!

jetSTAR Thu 25-Apr-19 18:33:38


Bettercallsaul1 Thu 25-Apr-19 18:47:11

Are you a Virgo, jet? grin

jetSTAR Thu 25-Apr-19 20:06:24

Um yes? It’s on the spreadsheet?

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