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New and first time pregnancy

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Jeshka07 Tue 12-Jun-18 21:29:52

Hiya!👋 I am pregnant for the first time. Only just found out and am only 1-2 weeks according to the clearblue test! Very happy BUT I am a bit (read LOT) of a worrier so am already worrying about the aches I'm getting... i hope that I will become a bit less worried as time goes on... got drs Appointment in about a month! Anyway, looking forward to talking to people on here 😊 thanks for reading! Jess

Izzyw1983 Wed 13-Jun-18 05:50:02

Hey...congratulations.... I resigned myself to the fact I couldn't have children as it had been drilled into me for 10 years by doctors ....well guess they were all now 11wk 3 days pregnant and looking forward to my 12 wk scan on Friday.... I am also nervous about every pain and but not as bad as i was at week 6 to 8 haha
It still doesn't feel real but I'm sure it will eventually.
I've heard that whatever it says on clear blue tests is usually to be doubled.... I did a test at what would have been 3 weeks because of weird feeling which came back negative...2 weeks later went to the doctors believe it or not with very painful breasts haha that's when she did a test which showed positive.

RehReh2018 Tue 19-Jun-18 21:11:36

New too! I'm 19 weeks!!

Jeshka07 Tue 19-Jun-18 21:23:41

Hi ladies! 👋 I keep having my first appointment moved so gotta try and rebook it! I am still nervous about everything but getting used to the symptoms!! I keep thinking i want to do another test just to check its real but dont want to br dissapointed!

emilyls Tue 19-Jun-18 21:25:41

Hi 👋
I'm 12W 4D now and had my scan yesterday. I did about 30 pregnancy tests over the course of 6 weeks just to make sure "something" was in there. The worrying is all normal and doesn't get any easier after the 2 week scan 😂

emilyls Tue 19-Jun-18 21:26:20

That's meant to say 12 weeks scan!

Izzyw1983 Tue 19-Jun-18 21:34:59

I'm 12 wks 4 days too lol

emilyls Tue 19-Jun-18 21:59:09

@Izzyw1983 Then our due dates will be the 28th December! I'm just praying baby doesn't arrive on NYE as the local paper goes onto the Maternity Unit and takes photos of new mums...NO THANKS. 😂😂😂

Izzyw1983 Tue 19-Jun-18 22:01:27

I will remember to wear makeup those days then haha... I was given the 31st as due date first...then they changed it last week when I had my 12 week scan haha

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