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Uno Buses - Warning all Hertfordshire mums

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Maxpiggy16 Wed 23-May-18 04:22:16

Hello Hertfordshire mums,

If you have a spare moment I just want to share my story with local mums who know of or use UNO buses

(link to Facebook page

On Monday 14th May I was waiting for a 602 UNO bus on Alderenham Road with my 3 month old son. When pulling into the bus stop the bus driver smashed the busses wing mirror into a lamp post hitting a bus timetable sign. The glass timetable cover smashed onto my son's face, who was laying in this carrycot pram! The force ripped the wing mirror clean of the bus and left my son screaming in shock covered in shards of glass.

Thankfully after a trip to A&E my son was given the all clear but UNO busses have been less than helpful. The glass has inbedded itself into the material of the pram and therefore has been left unusable. UNO have refused to replace the pram without a receipt which I do not have as the pram was given to me.

I have since been left without a pram and a son who has suffered shock from this incident. UNO customer services are rude and unhelpful and I do not recommend anyone using their bus services.Due to dangerous driving and non existent customer services

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