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Looking for advice.

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Ajd1968 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:08:41

Hi everyonesmile
New member here looking for relationship advice. I've been with my husband 2 and a half yrs and in the last year we have separated 3 times! But I always end up coming back for some reason. He constantly tells me little white lies and I find them out and if I dare to confront him he makes out he does nothing wrong and I'm a psycho! He's very angry and intimidating and calls me awful names when we argue. He's physically pushed me to the ground once when we argued and threw water in my face. Well we've had a row again today after I found out he'd yet again lied to me. He's given me 3 days to get out (we're in a rented flat ) or he says he'll throw me out. Yet again I find myself in this horrible situation, questioning myself.... do I try and sort things with him or once again find another place to go to. If I go, this time I need to be strong and stay away.
Any advice would be greatly appreciatedsmile

meme70 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:24:52

1. It’s domestic volience and you should call the police to have him removed when he touches you violently.
2. Get out ASAP and run. Go now and never go back.
3. Love yourself he needs help and you need help to stop going back.

I grew up watching my parents do this and it gave me anxiety leave before it’s too late cc

Ajd1968 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:41:11

Thanks for the advice meme70. I know you're right and it's what I need to do as deep down I know he'll never change. I've got a room lined up to view tomorrow morning so fingers crossed I get out.

meme70 Mon 12-Mar-18 20:51:54

Maybe just don’t question his motives go to court get an injunction on him
Is your name on tenancy ?

Ajd1968 Mon 12-Mar-18 21:02:32

Both our names are on the tenancy but he won't go

meme70 Mon 12-Mar-18 21:12:58

You need to get off the tenancy as if he fails to pay rent even if you don’t live there your liable
I used to rent properties

You could call the police when he’s violent they will remove him

How long is the tenancy ?
How longs left on it ?
Did you lay deposit ?
Is it in dps ?

You can’t walk away if your wrapped up in a tenancy unless you get help

When your alone call your nearest domestic volinece helpline and get out
They will help you sort everything out
My daughter had this last year I spoke to her landlord and she moved back to where she grew up with 2 very young children

Have you family that can take you in ?

Do not go back to him every again it’s not safe

Mustangsallym Tue 13-Mar-18 14:23:16

Really worried need advise - I don’t quite know how this has happened but I am 37 weeks pregnant and was never told to take vit d daily until my midwife app today. I’ve seen different midwifes every time and I do remember one handed me a free pack months ago and said take these but it wasn’t made clear I actually needed to take vit d every day the whole way through and now I am scared and worried it’s too late. My other child is 8 and we wasn’t told to take it daily back then so I just didn’t think. I’ve looked through all my notes leaflets etc and none on vit d and advising time to take it every day. I can’t stop worrying now. If I had low vit d levels surely it would of shown at some point through my pregnancy?i am obviously going to take now but has anyone else not been told ? Please can anyone reassure me it’s ok 😢

Francesca1999 Tue 13-Mar-18 22:40:08

I'm pregnant and due 17th September. I'm trying to work out if the father is my previous partner or my new partner? No bashing please. Could anyone please help? Thankyou 💜💜💜💜x when did I concieve?

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