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Moving to Warrington

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Juliana11 Wed 14-Feb-18 13:24:24

Hi all,

Me, my DH and our 14 months old DS have moved from London to Manchester 5 months ago because my husband got a job at the airport.

We have been living in Sale as it was a place that we heard good things about and we didn’t have much time to research then so we don’t regret choosing it but now we realized that this area is too expensive for us so we are thinking about moving to some other area that could fit us better.

Because we think of buying a house in the near future we want to move to a place that we could afford a semi/detached house for around 150K and start by renting to get to know the area before buying, also we heard that for a place in an outstanding school we should move early to the area.

Below are some things that we want the place to have in order to be a good place for us:
- Safe place
- Good/outstanding nursery
- Schools with ofsted outstanding
- Train station that could take us to Manchester city centre as I will need it when I return to work
- Max 1 hour car drive to Manchester Airport
- Semi/detached houses for around 150k or less.

On our researches we found the places below as the ones that would be better but we don’t know much about them or if there are other options we should consider.
- Padgate
- Warrington close to Bank Quay station/Sankey Bridge
- Newton-le-Willows/ Earlestown
- Lostock Gralam (Northwich).

Please help us, any advice will be much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance!


zebrapig Wed 14-Feb-18 14:17:22

Of the areas you've mentioned Padgate and Newton-le-Willows are the areas I'd consider. We used to live in Earlestown and it was ok but I think Padgate is nicer. Personally I'd avoid Sankey Bridges/near the station as there's not much around there & it's quite industrial.
Can't comment on Lostock Graham as I've never been there!

Hope that helps!

Juliana11 Sun 18-Feb-18 14:13:40

Thanks for helping Zebrapig

Mamaprima Sun 18-Feb-18 14:38:39

We live in Newton-le-Willows and really like it. It is quiet and close to GP, nursery and school. The nursery my LO goes to is very good and there are few schools around us. There is an outstanding one, but I've heard that it is very hard to get in to. There are other schools with "good rating though. We have very good links to motorways, M6 and M62, also 2 train stations. There is a train taking you to the airport as well, if your husband chooses to use public transport. We lived in Warrington too, more central. It was ok, but we were renting a flat.

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