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Lesions on liver and spleen cat scratch

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Labellefrance Mon 12-Feb-18 13:23:43

Hi, my ds 9 has been poorly for just over 3 months. I pushed for a hospital referral and once there a tummy scan (I was not buying a 2 month viral infection). He’s had nausea, night sweats, fever, loss of appetite, tummy pains and then his bloods showed aneamia. Anyhow as you can see they found these lesions, a ct scan, 2 mris, liver biopsy, blood tests we finally have blood results confirm Cat Scratch Disease (biopsy should confirm 100% in 10days time). I’m putting this on here as I was googling like mad and couldn’t find lesions or anything other than medical papers. He’s on 2 antibiotics, 1 for 6 months. It’s been the most worrying time but I’m relieved to get a diagnosis.
So be careful with your cats, deflea regularly, don’t let them lick you and get any scratches checked out. Ours has been rehomed to a lovely couple

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