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Mirena Coil not settled.

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Favi Wed 07-Feb-18 18:15:04

Hey im looking for opinions or any other experiences with the Mirina coil settling down.
I have had mine now for 15 months and its still not settled, i have no days clear from either full period like bleed or spotting, always something. Sometimes it comes on heavy all of a sudden and i am paranoid when out and about 😬
I have no pain or anything, just never a free day and been getting me down since the start! I have asked the nurse about it when i was at the 12 month point and told her how it is and she has said its still fine and not moved, but give it time! 🙄
I love having the mirena as birth control but i am now considering removal because u cant do this fir goodnes knows how long. Has any one else has similar experience?

Thanks smile

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