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Milk for toddlers while travelling

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AmyV123 Thu 25-Jan-18 20:11:49

We are off to Cape Verde next month with our 18 month old. I read that they only have UHT milk there so I’m wondering if anyone has done holidays with toddlers using uht milk instead of fresh? He only has a bottle morning and night but he doesn’t eat meat so the milk protein is important in his diet. I did wonder about taking powdered milk to mux up (not formula) or just taking some Aptimil as a back up. But he hasn’t had formula in 6 months so it might be a bit weird after getting used to fresh milk! Any advice from anyone who has tackled this gratefully received! xx

Prussiablue Sat 10-Feb-18 18:06:00

I used to buy the SMA ready made formula but they've stopped doing that now. If you're only going for a short time, perhaps the Aptimil might be appropriate but honestly please just run it through your health visitor/doctor to be sure and to give you the peace of mind. All the best.

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