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First time here!

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SnowyMummy Tue 05-Dec-17 02:54:31


So I’m new here obviously! And not really sure where to start so thought would introduce myself.

I’m a 23(almost) yr old stay at home mummy to a 2yr old boy. My partner of 3 years works full time and leaves me with a social gap.

My Son is currently going through SN Assesments with suspected Autism which is beyond nerve wracking along with him about to start Nursery.
I live in a very isolated place and would like to meet some people in a similar situation even if just to talk to via here would be nice


Fintons Tue 05-Dec-17 03:18:01

Hello, you'll find tons of good SEN advice here smile

SnowyMummy Tue 05-Dec-17 03:19:19

Hey! & thanks for the comment.

I was looking through the SEN section before and everyone seems so much more well put together than me haha

Nadia83 Tue 12-Dec-17 11:50:59

I'm new here just want to say hello! Am a 35 year old woman with a 2years and 3months old son. A stay at home mum yet to find a job. I hope am welcomed.

SnowyMummy Tue 12-Dec-17 13:50:47

Hey 👋

Nice to meet you

juziek17 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:36:54

Hi all I'm a newbie I'm a mum of 4 and I'm 46 1 week Wednesday, I feel like I'm going out my head lol my husband who I've been with 21 years had a vasectomy 19 years ago , I got all signs of being pregnant and this happened in 2008 and I miscarried, everyone thought I had cheated etc , I've had spotting over nearly 2 week ago I've missed my period by 5 days and just got a positive on a clearly but it took nearly half hour for me to check it deffo blue but I want to check I just don't know if it true I'm regular as clockwork every 28 days and go through 4/5 pks of night time pads everytime ? The spotting was 1 pad ? Need advice if this is actually positive the test I took pics TIA

juziek17 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:38:19

I'm so scared but excited my eldest is 28 this year and my youngest is 20 this year

juziek17 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:39:54

Clearblue was meant to say stupid phone 😂

juziek17 Sat 06-Jan-18 09:41:11

I be going through menopause or should be 😂 I'm going crazy

ScreamingValenta Sat 06-Jan-18 09:47:47

No advice but bumping for you. Lots of people here post a photo of their Clearblue test for others to check if unsure of the result.

ScreamingValenta Sat 06-Jan-18 09:50:16

- You might get more responses if you start a new thread in the 'conception' topic smile

Babynx4 Sun 07-Jan-18 08:10:47

Hi All
I’m a newbie too! I have 4 children who I totally adore and I have decided to Home educate them all. I’m looking for some advice and guidance on where to start! WES and SHL look very interesting and could offer what I’m looking for but is there a cheaper option and how do I get started?

SomiaZ Sun 07-Jan-18 17:19:48

Hi, I have just joined! We have a cheeky little 17 month girl, our 1st. Looking forward to being part of a mummy community and having somewhere to go for support. smile

Courtneygainxx Tue 16-Jan-18 08:32:36

Hello everyone smile

I’m new here, and have a 2 year old daughter and also a 9 month old daughter, stay at at home mum and fiancé is in full time work, I don’t really have much of a social life as everyone works, just wondering if there’s anyone near me or in my area that is in the same situation.

Hope I am welcomed by everyone smile

Wozz Tue 16-Jan-18 09:22:11

I’m first time here, have a cheeky 21 month old boy. Sadly I have to work full time so don’t get all the time I would like with him but we make the most of our weekends. I’m in North Devon anyone else in this neck of the woods?

mummyklaudia Tue 16-Jan-18 22:54:42

Hello everyone! smile I'm also new and new to parenthood, although my son in 10 months old now I still feel a bit lost in it all blush

Ali201 Sun 04-Feb-18 00:37:11

Hi all I am new and a first time mum my little boy is only 2 months old smile

silver2011 Sun 04-Feb-18 00:44:57

Hi welcome to the chat I am a stay at home Mum too . Am 50 year old with two teenagers boys .Happy to support you with anything. Hope you find support here which am sure you will. I am also new to mums net . Have brought up three kids

silver2011 Sun 04-Feb-18 00:49:43

Aw that's lovely my grandson is ten months old he's so adorable and I love been nana smile

ghostLady Tue 20-Feb-18 11:15:45

Hello one and all. Im kind of new here well leaving a message that is. Lol. I dont know where to start but felt to say hi and share a bit about myself and my children, plus the areas of interest(s). I am a believer of Chirst | Mother of 4 | was Married for 18 years | Now seperated | Living with 3 Teenagers | Oldest son 25 years old| Health: Weight lose journey | Healthy Eating Life | Heart condition in babies/children | Lupus | Depression | Anxiety | Vloggers | Vlog | Inpsiration | Positive Life | Positive Living Only...thank you!

I have battled many hurdles along my years, and all I wish to do is share my journey and hope one day it will help just one person along the NEVER GIVE UP!

Thanks for taking the time to read my message and Im also looking for any Mothers that has 3 siblings born the same month in consective 7th 8th 9th of February. Or 15th 16th 17th of June. Or 23rd 24th 25th October...

Hope you get my point lol...

Until next time...♡

Jambob Tue 20-Feb-18 12:44:41

Hello All!
Glad to be joining Mumsnet, wish Id done this a while back. I am currently a stay at home mum of a little 2 year old girl and have just gone self employed. I have completed a bookkeeping course and hope to be able to get some work doing this. Lovely to meet you and best of luck to everyone with their little ones!
: )

Family999 Wed 21-Feb-18 23:20:54

Hi all, new on here..been trying to conceive for past 2years, got told I have Pcos 1&1/2 yr ago..been referred to Gyno and had my HSG test done today..35 yrs old and so broody for a baby, feeling frustrated with all the set backs so hoping some of you lovely ladies can share some stories that will help make my journey a better one.....

Siegrun45 Thu 22-Feb-18 20:18:33

Hi home educator! I did that 30 years ago. My daughter is now a professor! However, when she was ten she wanted to go to school & enjoyed it.

It's easy to educate your kids at home. You can find workbooks in bookshops & there is a lot on the internet.
Primary education is sooo easy! In school kids spent more time queuing up and fighting than actually working.

Oct18mummy Fri 23-Feb-18 11:18:13

Commuting mums

Hi I’ve just found out I’m pregnant and am dreading commuting into London for my job as feeling so nauseous. I’m also concerned about my bump showing before I want to tell my employers at 12 weeks. Has anyone else got good tips for commuting whilst in early pregnancy and also work clothes to wear to not draw attention to bump! Thanks

LittleWiseOwl Fri 23-Feb-18 20:32:58

Hey everyone! I'm a 25 year old new mum with a 10 week old baby girl. Still figuring out this whole parenting thing so any advice would be much appreciated grin

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