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*Removal of Marina coil no periods since june*

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LisaMwah Thu 30-Nov-17 23:55:17

Hey guys im feeling really low An worries. I’m really struggling to understand what’s going on with me at the min. This year in June I had my marina coil removed as it had gone on a travel An was up in my uterus 😕 b4 they removed it they recommend I go straight on the pill Desogestrel. I took it Religiously for over a month An the. Kept forgetting to take it for a few wks an never had any bleeding. So a month and a half ago I stopped taking it to see if I would get a period as me an my partner are thinking of trying for a baby. I’m just thinking that’s it I can’t have any children due to this happening An I’m makin an appointment with my DR. Monday to discuss this. But was just wondering if anyone else has had the same problems ? Thank you in advance xx

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