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Hi there help needed ! Breast cancer Blog

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Cariadjw Sat 11-Nov-17 07:49:00

Hi all ... have decided to blog a very honest & funny account of my life nearing 50 with secondary breast cancer , 2 teenagers one with auto immune hepatitis..doing #50things in 50th yr smile)) ... pls follow on FB or Wordpress /Twitter & share anything just have a read & welcome any comments star.. thank you so very much xxxx

badlyinjured123456 Thu 16-Nov-17 00:25:11

I may have secondary cancer I'm afraid. I had breast cancer fifteen years ago on my right side, and now a lump has been found on the left side. I am awaiting biopsies etc... at Newcastle R.V.I. I haven't told my daughter yet, and probably won't frighten her at this stage. I can't help but wondering if all the severe stress with the car accident scenario through RSA motability scheme has contributed to the disease coming back again, although the NHS tell you that it's nothing to do with stress, but I personally believe it contributes to most illnesses, don't you?

Cariadjw Thu 16-Nov-17 23:02:22

Hi ...the lengths we go to protecting our children ❤️.. yes I do think there are a lot of links to stress triggering illness ... I hope you have rapid access to services .smile

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