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Single mum friends!

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LivyYarnley1 Wed 08-Nov-17 16:14:35

Hi all!
Recently became a single mother to a 2 year old boy! Finding it hard to adapt and don’t have a great social life!
Be lovely to meet some new single mummy’s and have some support smile

ellegrace1 Fri 17-Nov-17 16:22:56

Hello! I'm in the same boat, although I've been a single mother since my (also 2 year old) son was born. I can imagine that it must be really overwhelming- although it was VERY short lived I was living with an ex partner for a while and it was difficult to re-adjust after he left. I definitely hear you on the social life too, babysitting is expensive if you've not got a willing family member/friend around to help out. Have you got many friends who have kids who can help out/support you?

Comealongpond89 Fri 17-Nov-17 16:29:17

Hi both! I'm a single mum to a 2 yr old dd. There is a fantastic ongoing thread here for single parents. We chat about our days, parenting tips and troubles and have a good laugh. It has really helped me through some tough times being alone. Everyone is welcome but it is on a thread that can't be searched normally. Currently it's on OTBT(off the beaten track) topic and our new thread is called Hugh ho ho ho'ing into the festive season. Please come and say hi!

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