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Trying to conceive after teenage anorexia

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EiffelTower Mon 30-Oct-17 13:49:55

Hi all,
I'm just coming off the pill after being on it for 10 years, as husband finally wants kids! Couldn't believe it when he brought the topic up himself and said we should start trying. Over the moon! Now just hoping I can start ovulating again and that my teenage anorexia won't have caused any fertility issues! Are there any mums out there who also had problems with eating disorders? Or anyone who knows much about the subject?

Catlovingmama Tue 07-Nov-17 01:05:49

I saw you hDnt had any replies. If you repost in conception you silll get lots

My ex sil has had two dc after teen anorexia so severe she was sectioned as an in patient because her weight was so low. God this helps.

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