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Sicky child 🤢🤔

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Na0ml Mon 30-Oct-17 13:15:05

Hey Guys, I'm new here 🤗

So my LB almost 22 months old, started with this strange sickness a few days ago. He's only sick once a day 🤔 and other than a slight loss of appetite he Is completely fine. However will happily eat, those little kiddy biscuits and cereal. He is only sick on a morning and only once. He's a great eater and a lover of all foods. I haven't fed him anything different and his temperature is normal, drinking plenty also.
Got an appt with the GP in the morning but was just wondering if any one else's little ones have had the same and what it turned out to be? He's my only child, and any previous tummy bugs he's had he's not been able to keep any food down and is sick all through the day.
Would appreciate any help and advice
Thanks in advance X

Girlsworld92 Mon 30-Oct-17 13:24:33

Yes there’s been a bug going round with these exact symptoms. My daughter had it and fine except random one off sickness, for a couple of days and very light coloured, slightly runny poo. Slightly less appetite but not too much. Took about a week for her to fully get over it. Some of her classmates had it too. Hope your lo gets well soon.

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