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Hell. Newbie here!

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tanyae Thu 26-Oct-17 16:19:20

Hello all,

I'm Tanya and my husband and I live in Fleet, Hampshire. I'm 45, no kids ... I just really like the community.

I've recently ditched the London commute in favour of starting up my Virtual Assistants company so I can stay at home with my puppy. That was the deal - wfh and we can get a dog smile

So here I am, working from home which is very lonely and going to the gym which is equally as lonely as the mums already have their 'cliques'. Luckily, I have the dog walks and a good social circle from that.

If anyone wants a gym buddy, or help with their business admin, ping me. I'll be ever so happy to speak to another human. Toby, my cockapoo, is getting pretty sick of me.

Looking forward to seeing you all around the forums.

tanyae Thu 26-Oct-17 16:20:09

That's supposed to be Hello!!

EiffelTower Mon 06-Nov-17 13:18:38

Hi! I also work from home with my two pups so I know how lonely it can be. Unfortunately my dogs dislike other dogs so I don't even have the ability to socialise that way! But, it beats doing a commute twice a day and it's lovely to keep the pups company all day. I do find, though, that I get rather distracted with things that need doing around the house, and by online forums ... must get back to work!

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