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Breastfeeding in public

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simpsone86 Tue 24-Oct-17 15:45:28

Looking for breastfeeding mums to help me out with some research...
I’m sure some of you will have heard of FeedFinder (the mobile app to support breastfeeding in public). I am part of the research team at Newcastle Uni doing further work around the app, breastfeeding and public policy.
We are now working with Newcastle City Council, local businesses, infant feeding coordinators, breastfeeding support teams and breastfeeding mams to develop a city wide breastfeeding policy for Newcastle and we would love your feedback.
Please complete this short survey:
If you would rather, you can message me with any thoughts or ideas relating to a public breastfeeding policy and what you think it should include.
Our next step will be to use the feedback to develop the policy and test it out in local businesses in and around the city.
Ethical approval for this research has been granted by Newcastle University – Ref: 12218/2016.
All feedback will be reported anonymously in published articles or presentations.

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