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Diagnostic centre for Autism

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Lovemykids0 Wed 11-Oct-17 14:05:37

Hi all

I would like some advice.

My Son has been under a Pardiatrician since he started school at 4 years old. We all went through hell and back his first school year, due to the teachers not understanding what was wrong and the school showing no support. He lost all self esteem and said things like he wanted to be dead. The school leadership has now had an overhaul and all changed.

He is now 6. He has been held back a year at school so is in year 1 but should be in year 2. He is progressing academically in line with year 1. But is still a year behind. His main difficulty is with social and emotional - he really struggles. He misinterprets social cues/ situations which causes outbursts. Class is now more structured, but the playground is where he has most negative behaviour. He is still afraid in school and wants to escape.

We need a diagnosis in order to gain him the support at school.

To help this happen quickly we are willing to fund the assessments.

Could anyone recommend the best centre to take him, where all of the professionals are in the same place. Where he will get a diagnosis in a day.

Thank you so much

QueuetoaskaQ Wed 11-Oct-17 14:14:34


You might be best reporting this and having it reposted in the SEN area.

I've gone through an ASD assessment before with my daughter when younger. Not private though - NHS. It took 2 years in total from first meeting with the pediatrician to the diagnosis appointment day.

Many health and education professionals' reports had to be compiled. And every person wanted to observe my daughter in different environments and on different days to check the influence of environment and other external factors on her behaviours.

Again, I have no idea about the private route but I can't imagine a lifelong condition like ASD would be permitted to be diagnosed in one day after just one meeting with a child?

I just don't want you setting your expectations too high as it's likely that even the private route will take several months.

Philippa83 Wed 18-Oct-17 07:29:35

Hi we are currently awaiting our appointment
I was warned if I paid for a private assessment it would be most likely the education board wouldn’t accept it only an nhs one.

It’s so frustrating I know xxx

Janeeastdulwich Wed 18-Oct-17 10:14:56

As a SENCo for years in primary schools I know how frustrating the bureaucracy can be but there is a lot your child's school can be doing to support your son in the meantime. The National Autism Society will be able to help you, with or without a formal diagnosis. Good luck. (I'm glad your son is now happier.)

squishee Wed 18-Oct-17 10:24:34

Diagnosis in a day, buyer beware.
I'm sure there are plenty of these "centres" willing to exploit your desparation, but it's probably not the best route for you and your son. I hope you can get some "proper" help in the meantime flowers

QueuetoaskaQ Wed 18-Oct-17 16:55:33

Would absolutely agree with the above. There is no way that such a complex condition can be diagnosed in one day with out intensive background assessments and investigation being done beforehand. A child will need to be assessed in a variety of settings and on different days to rule out environment being the sole factor of behaviours or a child just having a bad day.

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