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Hi! New to Mumsnet - will be ttc in 5/6 months but can't wait!

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FlapJackered Tue 10-Oct-17 15:28:20

Hi all, I am 29 and would love to be TTC now but we have booked a ski holiday for end of March with friends, so I am going to have to do my best to stop thinking about it until then! It is hard as I am worried about fertility issues - it took my Mum 10 years to conceive.
I will just have to hear the lovely stories on here until then and hope for the best when these long 5 months are up grin

binzy Tue 10-Oct-17 21:46:07

Hi...we've moved into Watford recently. Love to be a part of this group to share and help each other. My daughter's on a waiting list for Year 5. Earnestly want a tutor to prepare my DD for 11 plus exams sept'18. Really appreciate good reference from this platform. Thanks in anticipation!

ellenas80 Thu 12-Oct-17 12:01:31

Hi all, new to mums net, but felt so lost last week thought would see if anyone out there been in my situation, I just found out my baby has no heartbeat at 12 weeks pregnant, when had scan also told c section ectopic, really scared this could happen again. Is there anyone this has happened to who went on to have a normal pregnancy and birth.? I do have 3 other children 2 of which are disabled, just thought i could have abit of good luck but never seems to happen. Had 3 terrible years, but know I'm very lucky to have the 3 children I have.thanks for listening to me moan😬

Seasideshirl Sun 15-Oct-17 22:58:40

Hi all I am new on here. Love the name's we choose. Really cheers me up reading these threads. Got a feeling I am going to like it on here. Happy days .

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