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Vets prices

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handyandyover Sun 01-Oct-17 23:40:56

Hi all just joined.

Was reading the threads about the price of medication & whether dog owners can give their pets paracetamol . I can see why after us paying a vets bill just a couple of £,s short of £1.000 she was only in for just over 24hrs under going a scan and other tests thank god for pet insurance as only work part time these days looking down the bill at the costs of every thing was shocked to read over £41 for each dose of paracetamol only discovered that you can get a prescription from your vet and buy them or order direct from a supplier if had only known

Georgiejess Fri 20-Oct-17 19:39:32

Hi new here too but I know what you mean vets prices are phenomenal I have 3 dogs all insured but once you have a dog hospitalised they charge you even for a plaster. It worked out well over 100 euros a night when our boy was with the supervet in cork God knows what they charging in uK

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