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Offer agreed on house however better has come up

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user1499716765 Mon 10-Jul-17 21:14:09

After some advice, I've recently had an offer accepted on a property but a property which we initially thought was out of our price range may accept a reduced offer. It was our first choice however we were not proceedable when we intially looked at it. The dilemma is the kids love the house we have not yet agreed on and so does the wife and I. We are quite far down a chain which we would be devastated to break and feel bad for all involved but the property at the price we may get it for is too good to turn away from. It is slightly more than the one we have agreed on but needs much less works I.e no extensions, windows etc .... what is people's experience with this ? I understand that I shouldn't buy a property out of politeness. Both are nice but we are swayed towards the one we're not yet agreed on

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