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I'm so sorry this is a school question..

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mrsellerton2 Thu 15-Jun-17 16:29:59

Hi there...

I move into Clapham in August and my daughter is due in reception in September. I have applied to Lambeth but when I called to see her progress she is so so so far down the waiting lists. They said to me that I can apply to more schools. Does anyone know any good primary schools in the Lambeth Borough that they would reccommend. I find the info that Lambeth provide is so vague and misleading so I'm completely and utterly stressed. Mixed with having a daughter who is constantly asking what school she is going to. As I'm unable to view the schools I'd love to hear from anybody who rates and school and why. Thank you from the bottom oft heart for replying. smile

Cocolepew Thu 15-Jun-17 16:55:16

You might be better posting this on the education board smile

mrsellerton2 Thu 15-Jun-17 19:41:22

Thank you so much - will do

Girlwhowearsglasses Thu 15-Jun-17 19:50:14

Why can't you view the schools? They should let you come and look if you give them a call.

Find out which are closest and look up the OFSTED report. Anything walkable and 'good' or 'outstanding' go and look at or do google streetview.

Is there anything you need from the school? SEN, small school, good art/sport/academic?

Walking to primary school is a big big plus - go from there.

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