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tax credits recalculation

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snorkmaiden68 Tue 13-Jun-17 11:42:51

Hi I m new here and wanting some help. I claim working tax credits as a single person but it was based on 2016/7 wages and the lady said I wasn't entitled to it this year as my previous wage was slightly too high. However I called to update last Friday and told them I am now earning £4000 less this year 2017/8 due to having to only work part time as I have health issues (get enhanced daily living pip due to bipolar disorder) and the man said it was being amended. No money for this week yet or last. Entitled to says I will qualify (work 22 hours a week and claim disability element). I m just so worried it's causing me insomnia atm. My kids are grown up so don't get child tax credits. Does anyone know if I should just wait a bit or start seriously worrying? I don't want to go back to two jobs as it caused me to have a breakdown last year (was doing 3 jobs at one point). Thanks

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