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Am I Being Rational?

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KitKatKate1993 Wed 17-May-17 12:21:29

I'm 24 and my boyfriend is 36 in a few months time.. I've said I want to start trying in the next 2 years.. He's saying he wants to wait at least 5 years.. That would take him to 41 years old and me to 29 years old.
In my head that's not what I want. Im thinking about when the child groes up and is 5 that puts him at nearly 50 years old.

It's really not what I want. Have you ever just looked at your partner and thought I really want your babies? That's what I'm like. It's almost an unnatural craving.

I've tried to tell him this but he wants to do things very traditionally.. Get engaged.. Enjoy that.. Get married and then start trying.. But that's going to take years and I'm already conscious of the age gap and practicality of things.. Just because you're able to procreate at that age doesn't necessarily mean it's top notch quality!

I don't want a geriatric in the ward with me or risking a broken hip trying to kick a ball about!

We've known eachother 4 years.. In that time we got really close for one of those years and have been together for 2 officially.

Am I being unrational to his wants or does it make sense given the age gap etc?

missrabbit23 Sun 28-May-17 22:08:55

Hey, your 24 relax and live a little, enjoy this kid free time. Stop stressing about this and that you have got so much time to have kids, you partner is right why rush?

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