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Mummy blues

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Samg299 Mon 15-May-17 15:17:17

Noone tells you how hard it can all be...
I have a 2 nearly 3 year old little boy and i am 33 weeks pregnant with a girl. It has been a horrific pregnancy with everything from hyperemisis, utis, kidney stones, ear infections, chest infections, worsening of asthma, suspected preeclampsia and heart scans.
I went off from work 9 months ago following the sudden death of my dad and with never ending ill health has mesnt ive not been able to go back i have spent so much time in hospital and been put on bed rest on multiple occations.
I feel like my son is missing out on mummy time and our house isnt getting the excitement of a new baby.
I am lacking confidence and feeling so low the not working novelty soon wore off and i feel like ive lost myself.
People suggest mum n baby groups bit i know how clicky these can be and i am terrofied of going into one and being judged.
My son goes to nursery 3 mornings a week but at 33 weeks pregnant not much point job hunting right now.
Were at the point where my friends have either got older kids and moved on from the early years or dont know life with kids is like and get annoyed wheb u cancel 9n thwm for a boozy lunch or dont even consider inviting you on a day out because your not young and free anymore.
I feel lonely not needed and like i dont know who i am.
I need ideas for hobbies or things i can do at home experiences of joining mother and baby or bump groups how to tackle the click of mums who are all such good friends already.
I am concerned that if i cant pick up my mood now ill end up with post natal depression and not enjoying our new baby as much.
I want happy healthy kids and a happy healthy mummy my poor hubby comes in from a whole day at work anf i talk him to death cus he is the only adult i see sometimes for days on end.
Please tell me i am not the only person to feel this way

user1495893691 Sun 28-May-17 13:56:29

Hello I live in Warwickshire - is that anywhere near you?

I am pregnant but no children yet. I have suffered in similar ways in the past and have now recently stopped taking medication. Can you try going for long walks or joining an exercise class for pregnant ladies? Or crafts? There are people out there just like you. You will find them. Just don't give up. I have had friends in the past who are not very understanding too. But that's the reason I choose not to see them much any more!

Chin up. It won't last forever because it's not real


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