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Moving to Hitchin - schools?

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Abercrombie123 Mon 15-May-17 03:59:34

Hi - we will be moving to Hitchin from overseas and I am investigating primary schools. From what I understand, I have to compile a ranked short list of schools I would like my children to attend... and then wait to see?! I am concerned as everyone seems to say the good schools are heavily over-subscribed. Does this mean I could end up stuck with a poor school miles away from where I live? Thanks for your help

tasteofcherry Thu 07-Sep-17 11:13:03

Hello Abercrombie 123, our family is planning to go through the same route to Hitchin. In a parallel research my concern is the same with yours - schools - apart from being convinced that Hitchin is a lovely town to live in. Have you received any feedback to your question above? Could you plase also let me know. Thank you in advance and regards,

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