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Moving back to London

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Marianadixnuef Mon 08-May-17 20:21:34

Hi ladies!
I m moving back to London after 8 years in buenos aires. My kids are at the french Lycee... anyone could possibly give me advice on the Winston Churchill Lycee? Or the wembley park area? My eldest is 11yo so we are also looking at state options, I heard the fotismere was good but to hard to get in... any advice highly appreciated, thank you

Mamabear12 Thu 25-May-17 18:56:04

Are you only looking at those? What about the south ken one? I have heard they are hard to get into, but I would at least try if I were you. I was told it was impossible, but I was able to get my children in. Pure luck, I don't know. But my mother taught me one thing and it is always try or ask bc the worst thing is you get a no, but at least you tried. If you are in the Lycée system already, should make it easier to transfer and get a spot.

Marianadixnuef Sun 28-May-17 02:31:47

I haven t tried, and I deeply agree with your mum. My worry is that South K will be very expensive for accommodation. I was hopeing to be walking distance from the school ,
May i ask where are you based? . Thanks for the advice mamabear12

Mamabear12 Mon 29-May-17 14:48:22

Will send you private message to Mumsnet inbox

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