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Homeschooling a 12 year old - year8

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Fionagrace0161 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:33:16

Hi everyone,
Looking for some advice on homeschooling my 12 year old daughter I'm at my wits end with her high school they're beyond useless. Wondering how i could find other home educators in my area .. Salford, Manchester for a bit of advice. I'm mainly concerned about exam time, how do I get her ready for her GCSEs? She's really keen in a career in childcare so I know these won't mean the world to her as she will go on to study health and social care at key stage 4, I just feel that life's too short for our kids to be unhappy and there's a really rich life out there waiting for her and its restricted in the classroom. Also concerned about social side of things too, as I don't really let her hang out on the streets so her main place to see friends is currently school. Any advice or useful links massively appreciated xx

CrunchieFeeling Wed 19-Apr-17 19:36:25

Are you on any facebook pages? There's lout. Type home educating into the search bar in facebook.

There's also a home ed section in education on here smile

annandale Wed 19-Apr-17 19:42:52

Just posting as the parent of a 12 year old to say that I think it's more than possible to do this, though my ds is OK at school.

You will get lots more experienced people posting, but one option for the social side is the Woodcraft folk Greater Manchester groups here. How good the groups are depends on the leaders (it's fairly easy to become one, if you are up for that), in some areas Woodcraft is more fun than Guides/Scouts, in some areas it's the other way round. Woodcraft doesn't have uniforms and is always coeducational. The focus should be on outdoor activities, having fun and 'education for social change' which you may or may not like. Your dd would just about still be a Pioneer (10 -13) but would be going up to Venturers (13-15) quite soon, and I have seen children really blossom at Venturers. Once she is 16 she could help volunteer with the organisation and build her childcare/leadership experience in a different way. Lots of detail for something very specific, but just wanted to make the suggestion since it's something I know about.

I wondered whether having a tutor for English and Maths, at least for a few sessions to assess where she is, might be helpful when she is about 14? But I am not an experienced homeschooler so don't know.

Fionagrace0161 Wed 19-Apr-17 19:51:40

Thanks for your replies , yes I'm on facebook I've joined a few groups and shall post in there its literally only come to me this week that I can't cope anymore with the way things are and looked at this as an option .will defo check out the woodcraft group, not heard of the them. She did go to guides bit then they moved and it was quite far from where we live. Just got her a little voluntary position at the stage school she used to go to so that's one night a week occupied, just don't want to feel like my decision will affect her in the long run. Will check out the education section on here too thanks again xx

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