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Advice On Single Mum of 2 Boys, No Family, Applying For Jobs

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1Elise Mon 17-Apr-17 18:45:22

Please could I have some advice. I desperately need a job and have been applying since January. So far no luck. Struggling on my own with two boys 11 and 16. I put all of our resources, time and effort, into putting a roof over our heads and was hoping to develop a support network, through my last job. I was over worked, harassed and underpaid. I know many mums go through this, however I am an only child and my parents are sadly not with me. I work hard and have been very strong to see us this far. Where can I find a decent job, network, so that we are not destitute. Who can help? I would be grateful for any advice going forward. Thank you

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