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Pregnancy signs but negative test

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user1491927841 Tue 11-Apr-17 18:25:28


So, I had a weird period in February- weird because it came with lower pain that kept me in bed all day and also brown black-ish blood that not even filled a pad and then watery bright blood and all this lasted a day and a half which is strange as normally periods are heavy,clothy,dark blood and last 5 days.In March no sign of period but cramps in the lower back and side plus heartburns,lightheaded ,headaches, constipation, a bit of nausea but not vomititng,i`m tired like hell and as grumpy as the Grumpy Cat,bloated abdomen,itchy boobs,swallowed . I had 2 pregnancy teste ...1 SureCheck made on 31 March with a faded line on T and on 9th April a Boots test that came back negative .On 1 April i had again ,when i wiped a bit of brown black-ish blood and then bright red spots for 3 days with no clothes and all the previous signs got more intense and also a new one like a pelvic vibration (no I havent dropped anything in there ;) ) .I don`t know what to believe anymore. I would really apppreciate your thoughts.

Thank you,

user1492458803 Wed 19-Apr-17 16:00:04

Go and see your GP and get them to do a test if you're concerned

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