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New here and in the interests of full disclosure...

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Booksmusicclothes Mon 10-Apr-17 12:12:28

...I'm not a mum! Not through choice, I would have loved to have had children but sadly the universe had other ideas. I came to mumsnet originally because it seemed that, no matter what subject I was looking for advice on, google kept directing me to mumsnet! I love the discussion boards - I enjoy the advice, the general chat, AIBU etc and I hope I'm welcome, despite the lack of DC.! The fact is there just isn't an equivalent for non-parents and so much of what's talked about here is relevant and interesting regardless of whether you have children or not. Anyway, hope to get to know a few of you better soon!

TiggyD Wed 12-Apr-17 16:49:32

Welcome to the site @Booksmusicclothes

There's many of us without DC about, but advice on cats/plumbing/art tends to be the same with or without children.

OhSoCheekyChick Thu 20-Apr-17 21:34:27

It may be false hope, I'm not sure of your situation, but 2 weeks ago, at the ripe old age of 42 I discovered I'm pregnant... conceived naturally after years of failed everything's.... the universe may still just be waiting for the right time for you..... it certainly has for me.....

Booksmusicclothes Thu 27-Apr-17 16:22:26

Thanks TiggyD and OhSoCheekyChick. Sorry, didn't realise til now anyone had replied! Huge congratulations OhSoCheeky that's wonderful news for you. Won't be happening for me though...hope to meet you both again on some of the boards!

ReadReadWhine Mon 01-May-17 23:28:28

Even though I've been registered on Mumsnet now for about 4 years, I've never actually had the courage to use the boards properly, just lurked in the shadows reading some of the interesting topics and posts. Because like you Booksmusicclothes, I'm not a parent either - and that's neither by accident or design. It just never happened and I never actively encouraged it.

I didn't think I had the right "criteria" to join in properly, but so many times when I'm looking for some advice online, the searches have led me back to Mumsnet. So I'm giving in and I'm going to start posting. Thanks for being brave enough to disclose that - it's encouraged me to 'come out' as well.

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