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user1491355834 Wed 05-Apr-17 21:12:10

Hey I'm new here, was looking for some help and advice really as I'm not sure. My friend has asked me for some help, she has a child under the age of 5. This is her child's first year of holiday stays with her ex, I believe it's equal share of all half terms accept Summer hols. This is her first time of ever being away from her mum for a whole week. My friend has only been able to speak under 3 mins to her child since she's been in her ex partners care, she normally calls her child early on during the day (every other day) as everyday is not allowed. However her ex told her not to call in Morning but in the late afternoon as he had a super busy day with the child. She called late in the afternoon and her child was still 'busy' running around not able to stop to speak to her main carer. She understands it's normal that children don't want to speak but it seems concerning that a better time was given as less busy, but in fact the child was still busy. Plus first time for extended stay but no regular contact? Is this common for parents to keep there child too busy to talk? Any help I can give her would be highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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