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Crazy periods at 33 and bad rosacea

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Kimmi83 Thu 30-Mar-17 09:58:48

Hi everyone,

I'm 33, 34 in The summer. I moved from he combined pill to the T380 copper coil in August 2015. My period was a lot heavier for the first 9 months after, but probably just normal. I got my very first period before my 16th birthday and started the pill at 16 too. This means that I didn't really have that many natural periods before the pill.

For the last maybe 9 months I have had the weirdest periods. The cycle seems roughly 21 ish days but spotting for maybe a week before, the period is light and then spotting for maybe 5 or so days after.

I had my last smearing February 2017 and all was normal.

I have rosacea and it has been really bad and bumpy recently and I don't know if this is connected. I started erythromycin last Friday for my face, but no change yet.

I know this is a long message, sorry X

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