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Penguin27 Mon 20-Mar-17 17:38:54


So I've been on MN for a while but didn't really know where to post this...

There are some phrases, acronyms etc that are used on here that I just don't understand!

E.g. What does it mean when someone replies to a thread with just biscuit


Penguin27 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:21:52

Also what does "NC" mean? smile

TupperwareTat Mon 20-Mar-17 19:23:18

NC name change
NC no contact
biscuit no comment

GinSwigmore Mon 20-Mar-17 19:24:04

NC= non contact with family member or name changed for a thread
biscuit= polite way of saying fuck off/your OP was not worthy of a reply

GinSwigmore Mon 20-Mar-17 19:26:24

^ because Gordon Brown kept silent on/refused to answer what his favourite biscuit was

EduCated Mon 20-Mar-17 19:26:47

Hello! There's an acronym list which helps with some of them (although some of it is a bit bollocks, I've never seen anyone post NAK or MMTI grin)

The biscuit has a back story, but essentially is a 'you're being ridiculous/this thread is ridiculous/you're being a bit of a twat'.

Penguin27 Mon 20-Mar-17 19:33:52

Haha that's brilliant!! Thanks grin

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