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New on here need advice

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Emmylou4 Sat 18-Mar-17 15:09:26

Hi. Not sure where to start really. We got our great niece out of foster care when she was 14 months old. She has always been a bit behind her age (she is now 5). My problem is that she cries over everything, she cries so much that even my 2y/o says h is crying again mummy. It's so frustrating she has no reason for it and doesn't even know why. She is not ill or in pain. I have 4 children my oldest is 15 and youngest is 2 they are all treated the same but h always acts like she's treated different like she's missing out. She is behind at school but she doesn't like us doing things like learning at home I have tried different approaches to this but she would rather cry than learn something. We do not molly coddle her she does not get her own way just because she is crying. Also she is still in nappies at night. We've tried without them but she would rather wet the bed than get up and go to the toilet. Sorry if I've gone on but don't know what to do

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