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Emma98 Wed 15-Mar-17 20:25:16

Hi all

I'm new so thought I'd say hello.

I'm 19 from near Newcastle and 13 weeks pregnant with my first baby.

Would be nice to meet some new people and get some advice and generally swap news


BackforGood Wed 15-Mar-17 23:28:09

Hi Emma.
Welcome to MN.
I've been on here for years and have got loads of brilliant advice over that time. Also learned lots of things, done loads of people watching, had loads of laughs, and hopefully helped a few people myself along the way.
Have you found all the different threads about things you might want ? There are ones specifically about parenting and feeding and sleep and childbirth and all sorts, but also Chat and some local boards for your own local area.


Emma98 Thu 16-Mar-17 02:22:00

Hi thanks for the message that's great to hear it does seem to be a friendly place! smile

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