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Not sure what to do after my MC

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Emfyfe Sun 12-Mar-17 19:01:36

I have just joined MN because as of today I have just experienced my 2MC.

We were thrilled to find out we were having a baby only 5 days ago (6th month trying) and I was 4 weeks along according to the 3 pregnancy tests! Sadly today I believe I am have a MC. We have just moved to the area and I have only just submitted the forms to the new Dr to register which should take another 4 days.

In our first month of trying I believed the same happened around week 6 however I was not fazed by this as I know this is highly common.

Not sure what to do next, or what the process is when this happens. Feeling pretty out of my depth and as my husband says is so so sad but we have to move on and keep trying.

Any help / guidance would be appreciated. xxxxx

user1489830224 Sat 18-Mar-17 12:30:26

I am also new to MN and noticed you've not had a reply. I hope you've been able to see your new doctor by now Emfyfe. Do ask him/her when they will investigate your MCs, after 2? (or it used to be after 3). Try to be positive, you have been successful in getting pregnant twice so this looks good for the future. There is so much medical help out there now so ask lots of questions, maybe consider asking to be referred to a consultant gynaecologist so at least you can ask all your questions of an expert. Even if you have to pay privately you can ask a lot of questions for a £200 fee. Good luck.

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