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Custody arrangments

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MarieLouise12 Sat 11-Mar-17 23:03:05

Hi Guys I'm new to this but here goes.
I'm currently at loggerheads with my daughters father, she's 5 he acts 5. We have always had in place an agreement where he gets her from school at the end of the week and return's her to me at a set time Sunday. Lately he has been unreasonable and awkward about returning her on time sundays. Due to work this is my only time with her and for him to return her every other week 3-4 hours late is not fair. I have looked at the set up and thought I am also entitled to weekends where my daughter can spend time with me,her step dad and her sister. This currently doesnt happen as sundays are always limited once we get ger back.I have told him he can now extend his time every other weekend till tea time Sunday and in place for the weekend I will keep her he can have an overnight midweek. He has point blank refused this (he suggested it weeks ago but doesn't like being told how things will go so acts awkward) I asked for an alternative fair suggestion and he said it will now go to court and he's happy to put me before a judge and drag our daughter through the court process having her interviewed also (she's 5). So really I just want to know if I'm being fair/reasonable with time and if it actually has any chance of getting to court as I am willing to cooperate should he do the same. It's also worth nothing we equally agree and share school holidays/Christmas etc.

WatchingFromTheWings Sun 12-Mar-17 09:54:27

I think you're entitled to also have reasonable time with your child too. I know from my own experience Monday to Friday with school, after school clubs, homework, evening/bedtime routines, etc, it's not quality time. I insisted on every other weekend plus an evening in the week. If it were me I'd enforce this then let him take you to court if he's not happy.

Wishiwasmoiradingle2017 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:57:46

Eow and a night during the week is what he will be told by a judge. Let him try argue with that. .
Arse. .
And at 5 your dd wouldn't be speaking to anyone either. .

MarieLouise12 Sun 12-Mar-17 10:36:03

Thank you. I thought so myself but needed a bit of reassurance, as I fully intend to represent myself and an confident in thinking I am being fair and have tried to reason with him. He won't look good in front of a court considering he hasn't stuck the arrangements and is point blank refusing to have DD back on time to me every week because of his current relationship and the travelling time from there to his house.

VoyageOfDad Sun 12-Mar-17 13:26:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MarieLouise12 Sun 12-Mar-17 14:38:13

Thanks. I think I'm right in saying my reasons for changing are reasonable. I have never had a weekend with DD in 2 year because of the agreement, something I sacrificed for his time with her however he now won't have her back to me until 3/4 hours late at least twice a month. Taking up my only day with her. Plus she's got a little sister now and should be given a fair amount of time to bond with her and allow us to do things as a family.

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